Five favourite Tv shows on finances

5 min readSep 8, 2022


Most people find finance a hard nut to crack, especially the problem-solving approach and unfamiliar vocabularies involved. Some even find business easier than finance, forgetting finance is needed to run a business smoothly. With hustling and bustling in the world today, television is one of the easiest, cheapest ways to get informed of happenings in our environment.

Tv shows and series have served as educational channels to increase our knowledge in the shortest possible times. Television streaming gives easy access and understanding to finance, unlike books and other text representations, which are often found complex and boring to understand. Tv shows have been proven to be the fastest way to financial literacy for any novice. It has been an opportunity for financial experts and advisers to advise on financial topics such as daily money-saving tips, personal and business finance management and investment.

Most often, when it comes to finance Tv shows, much emphasis is laid on the Hollywood industry. However, over the years, there has been an increasing market for Nollywood, which has built a growing culture and fanbase of fervent viewers. Although these viewers prefer movies to series, that perception changed during the COVID-19 lockdown, where socio-distance was the culture, as platforms like Netflix kept viewers glued to their tv screens.

Despite the challenges faced by the Nollywood and Nigerian entertainment industry, here are five indigenous Tv shows that have stood the test of time and are worth watching to shape the finance mindset.

  • Lion’s Den

This reality show is tailored after the reality shows Dragons’ Den in UK and USA’s Shark Tank. The concept of this show is to allow passionate, bold and confident startups, businesses, SMEs, and entrepreneurs (just surviving the COVID-19 Pandemic) to pitch their business ideas and innovations to selected top players in the Nigerian business industry, referred to as “Lions” in the shows.

The captivating and educational aspect of the show is where the entrepreneurs need to convince one or more of the investors with facts and figures to buy into their business, answering vividly to all probing questions. It gets more interesting when the investors choose a pitch, negotiate for the highest possible share and contest to be the only investor in the potential business.

The Lion’s Den was produced by Ultima Studios and sponsored by Eco bank with other partners in 2021. With a proven track record of a global audience, this show has enabled viewers to learn the rudiments of a successful business pitch deck and the metrics of running a business in a relaxed atmosphere. Lion’s Den is definitely a must-watch for anyone interested in starting a business.

  • Binging with Game Changers

If you run a business in Nigeria and want to learn from the big shots in a jiffy without reading a book, then this show is for you. It is a 30-minute talk show that showcases successful brands and careers that have thrived in Nigeria despite evident barriers.

Seyi Banigbe is a trained lawyer, successful entrepreneur, and host of this talk show. This 30-minute talk show has featured various brands and successful individuals from all walks of life, such as Abbie Fasasi, a female Managing Partner of an engineering firm, XMOS Africa and AY Makun, the multi-award-winning Nigerian comedian with multiple talents and well known in the entertainment industry.

Seyi’s goal with this show is to drive home the importance of being financially independent while pursuing your dreams. She also believes that her show could empower Nigerians with the mindset of having a can-do spirit to live a happy and fulfilled life building their business. The show airs online as well as on most African and Nigerian tv stations with a commendable social media following.

  • The Smart Money Woman

If you struggle with personal or business saving habits, you can learn much from Netflix’s The Smart Money Woman series. This series is based on a novel by Arese Ugwu, centred around the lifestyles of five women who are millennials of diverse characters. They all juggled balancing careers, finances, love and friendships. Zuri, the main character who lived a glamorous life, got caught up in a financial crisis and navigates her way through to solve her money issues.

Every episode comes with a Smart Money Lesson to help anyone reach their financial goal. This show deals with spending and saving habits, debt management, investment options, the spendthrift culture of the African middle class influenced by societal pressures, and lack of money.

  • Quam’s money

Quam’s Money is a movie sequel to the 2018 film “New Money”. Quam, the main character, transitioned from a security guard to a multimillionaire. The movie explores how the cryptocurrency multimillionaire was thrown into a chaotic state with a series of events from falling victim to a gang of fraudsters who defrauded him of ₦500 million to handing them over to the police.

Honestly, this movie tackles high-risk investments, the use of digital currency, high-profile online fraud and scam, wealth and insecurities. There is much to learn from this movie for any upcoming saver and investor.

  • Sugar rush

Sugar Rush is also a movie tale about three sisters who accidentally discovered $800 million in a rich, corrupt man’s house. The movie is filled with a mix of various themes such as trust, fraud and scam, money laundering, corrupt practices, risks of stolen funds, and dubious ways of acquiring money.

These are our top favourite Tv shows on finance; which of the aforementioned do you like?

Share your answers in the comment section.

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